About MeyeSight

The MeyeSight Visual Fitness app allows you to monitor your eye sight. It tests three aspects of vision:

  • Detail vision – a common visual acuity test
  • Contrast vision – an often neglected test
  • Surround vision – a unique new visual field screening test

The MeyeSight Visual Fitness app enables and encourages those either at risk of or currently with vision-disabling diseases to:

  • test critical aspects of their vision, so that they can recognize vision problems that require medical attention as early as possible and seek professional care in the most timely manner.
  • monitor changes to their vision.

This website, in conjunction with the MeyeSight app, allows people to:

  • assess their visual capabilities and limitations and to empower them to actively preserve and enhance their abilities to function in the world through vision rehabilitation.
  • understand how they see and how various eye diseases affect functional vision.

The MeyeSight Visual Fitness test does NOT diagnose or treat disease. Since any finding can have multiple explanations, all abnormal test results need to be interpreted by a competent health professional.

MeyeSight is being developed by:

  • August Colenbrander, MD, an ophthalmologist with 40 years of experience in vision rehabilitation at The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco, CA – principle developer of the MeyeSight Visual Fitness Test
  • Stuart Carduner, an education specialist at MeyeSight. – principle developer of meyesight.net

The MeyeSight app and website are being developed with support from Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight, a foundation dedicated to increasing sell-reliance for people with visual impairments .