Becoming aware of how you are seeing and where problems with your vision lie is the first step in enhance your quality of life. How do the tests your doctor is performing relate to how you are seeing? How can you assess your vision? What might be causing troubles with your vision? Where can you find help with optimizing your vision?

Even when your visual acuity is “good,” you may be experiencing trouble seeing. Our ability to see our environment clearly and to perform proficiently in our daily lives is the result of many aspects of vision, including contrast sensitivity, peripheral vision and darkness adaptation. Understanding these aspects can help you become aware of your vision.

Vision is more than opening your eyes and gazing at something or someone. What you “see” is not necessarily what you think you are looking at. Learning about the processes that take you from looking at something to perceiving it can tell you a great deal about how you see, what you see, and the current challenges to your vision.

The MeyeSight Visual Fitness Test allows you to become aware of gradual changes to you vision, which helps you decide when to seek medical eye care and how to formulate your vision problems, as well as providing a way monitor changes to your vision.

A collection of interesting videos, presentations, talks… on vision.

You can become an active partner with your doctor in choosing and implementing a treatment plan and monitoring changes to your visison. You can have a vision examination to determine whether special devices or vision srategies can help you optimize your functional vision .

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