Assessing your functional vision – before split and x Qs

Self assessment: understanding your vision loss

Vision impairment may appear as one or more of three general conditions:

  • Blurriness, where visual acuity with best spectacle correction is still reduced or blurred.
  • Narrowing of peripheral or side vision.
  • Defects within the field of vision, such as distortion or blind spots, loss of contrast, sensitivity to glare or light, and loss of color perception.

You will find several paths to follow for getting a better understanding of the actual state of your vision and (where appropriate) finding help with adapting to your vision challenges.

  • Answer the questions provided here which can help bring out current vision problems See below
  • Understand the results of vision function tests you have had as part of treatment   Link tvd 
  • Taking and understanding the results of the MeyeSight Visual Fitness test Link tvd
  • Learning what low vision assessment and services can do for you  See below 

The goal: an awareness of how vision loss is affecting your life and the availability of professional assessment of your functional vision.